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The Power of Blogs for the Best Internet Marketing

Most newbies who decide to try themselves in the field of content marketing are not aware of the difficulties associated with this and regularly make the same mistakes. If you have started a thematic blog that has become interesting to readers, or is engaged in an online newsletter, this does not guarantee the appearance of the desired number of clients. What are you wrong and how to avoid it?

Quality substitution by quantity

Many are starting to promote a group or site of obviously popular things, like photos of cute cats or anecdotes. Of course, this is loved by many, and the success of the group or site is guaranteed. However, the target audience will be absolutely not the one you need. Let the readers be at least 100 times smaller, but everyone will be a potential customer who is interested in your topic. That is, the subject matter of the content should strictly correspond to the product. With the use of now you will be able to have the best deal now. The use of richerornot happens to be the best when it comes to the proper blog marketing.

Write relevant articles for the reader

In order to understand which articles and sections of your site are the most popular, you should use web analytics. It would not be superfluous to see which articles are most often shared by readers. Also recommended:

  • Track the most requested articles on Google Analytics and Metrics.
  • Identify the most popular announcements of your articles.
  • Conducting a regular survey of visitors every 8-9 months.
  • Check the topics of sections and articles on the frequency of search queries.

Do not ignore SEO

As soon as the most requested sections and articles are identified, you need to look through for the most frequent queries on this topic and take them into account in further work. If you have old articles on the desired topic, it will not be superfluous to publish similar ones in the new material, because visitors may simply not know about the existence of the previous ones.

Lack of regularity in work

Good writing when there is inspiration. However, to achieve specific results requires regular work. Make a schedule of publications and strictly adhere to it. It can be 3 articles per week or every day – it does not matter. The main thing is regularity. It will be even better to accustom yourself to the publication of a new material on certain days. This is a proven practice that is successfully used in periodicals.


Try to make the blog give maximum benefit for your potential customers, create a so-called client portrait and think about what information he wants to receive. Do not be afraid to give some information absolutely free, it will double payback.